What models are eligible for this promotion?

To check the eligible models for this promotion of your claim, please click here.

Where do I find my indoor and outdoor model numbers and outdoor serial number

Your outdoor model number and serial number can be obtained from the outdoor unit (usually located on the side or front of the outdoor unit). Please see the example below:

In this example:

  • Outdoor model number is: AOTG09CMCA
  • Outdoor serial number is: E063532

Your serial number will start with E, R or T and is always followed by 6 digits.

Your indoor model number can be obtained from your tax invoice. If not, please contact your supplier.

If your outdoor serial number is inaccessible, you can find this information on the box the unit came in, otherwise please contact your installer who will have a record of this.

Note: Without entering the indoor and outdoor model numbers as well as the outdoor serial number, your claim cannot be processed. If you have purchased a unit and paid in full, but it is not yet in your possession, and therefore you are unable to provide the outdoor serial number in time to make a valid claim, please contact Fujitsu General Assist on 1300 364 484 to allow for alternate arrangements to be made.

How will I know my claim has been received?

Once we receive your claim, your Claim ID will appear online, and we will send you an automatic confirmation email. The next step of the process is to validate the details provided in your claim, please allow up to 4 weeks for this process to be completed. Once your claim is approved and processed, you will receive a second confirmation email. Alternatively, we will notify you if your claim has been rejected or if we require more information in order to validate your claim. Once you have lodged your claim, you are able to track the status 

Should I claim using my installation address or postal address?

If you select a digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard as your reward, please claim using your residential address.
If you select a physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, please claim using the address you would like us to send your card to. Please be sure to double-check this is correct when you have entered it online as incorrect details may result in a delay or non-delivery of your card.
Note: The Tax Invoice provided for your claim MUST show the residential address the unit was installed at for a claim to be valid.

What if my receipt / tax invoice is in a business name?

Purchases in business names cannot be approved. Your receipt / tax invoice has to be in your full personal name to prove ownership of the Fujitsu air conditioner. As stated in our terms and conditions, purchases must only be for domestic and residential use, and excludes non-residential applications

What details need to appear on my tax invoice?

Copies of receipts / tax invoices are acceptable if they show a $0 balance, along with your full name, residential installation address, contact details, date and place of purchase and the Eligible Product model number of the air conditioner/s purchased and paid for in full during the promotion purchase period.
Note: If you paid for your unit with cash, this must be clearly stated on the invoice. The unit must be paid for in full within the purchase period, with no outstanding balance.

What details need to appear on my proof of payment?

Proof of payment or transaction receipt (i.e., EFT receipt, bank statement, credit card slip) must clearly show full payment within the purchase period, i.e. amount paid equals the total amount charged for the unit being claimed on the invoice, as well as the claimant’s full name and the date of the payment.
Note: If you have purchased multiple units in different transactions you will need to include each individual transaction receipt.

How do I show that my invoice has been paid in full?

As per the terms and conditions, purchase is defined as fully paid for within the Promotional Purchase Period with zero balance owing. Receipts / tax invoices showing an amount outstanding will be rejected. You must provide a finalised merchant tax invoice, along with a valid proof of payment (2 separate documents).

What is the difference between my ‘tax invoice’ and ‘proof of payment’?

Your tax invoice is the branded store/business receipt you receive at the time of purchase.
Your proof of payment is your transaction record, e.g., bank statement, eftpos stub, cash receipt.  You must provide both when you lodge your claim.

Where do I find my Essendon FC Member Number? 

If you’re a member of the Essendon Football Club, you can find your member number on your membership card or contact the Essendon FC Member team on (03) 8340 2000 

Why do I need to enter an email address?

You must have an email address to be able to complete the claim form. An email address is required to allow us to email you updates on the progress of your claim.

If you do not provide a valid email address that you are able to check regularly (including the junk folder, in case our emails have been incorrectly intercepted), you run the risk of missing out on important notifications regarding your claim.

Why do I need to enter my mobile number?

If you have selected a digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, this will be delivered to you via SMS to the Australian mobile phone number submitted with your claim.

If your claim is marked ‘invalid’ and we do not hear back from you after sending an initial email requesting further information, we will then send you a follow-up SMS in relation to your invalid claim before the claim period closes, hence the reason we request your mobile number.

I’ve opted to print and fax my claim form, along with my tax invoice and proof of payment, but my printer has failed! What now?

Don’t worry. Once you have fully completed the claim form online, a copy of the claim form will be emailed to you, enabling you to print once your printer is working again or you have found an alternate solution.  Please visit our contact page if you require assistance.

If you are not sure if your claim has successfully been submitted, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

What is my Claim ID and what is it used for?

Your claim ID is a code unique to your claim. This ID will appear on the screen after lodging your claim. It will also be emailed to you to keep for your records. It can also be used to check the status of your claim during the claim period.

What do I do if I have lost or forgotten my Claim ID?

If you have lost or forgotten your claim ID, you can find it in the confirmation email that was sent to you after you lodged your claim. Please be sure to check your junk folder. Alternatively, you can enter the mobile number you used to submit your claim here to get your claim ID resent. If you are still unable to retrieve it, get in touch via our contact page.

Now that I’ve submitted a claim, how can I check on its progress?

To check on the status of your claim, please click here.

How can I provide additional documentation that has been requested as my claim is currently invalid?

If your claim is marked ‘invalid’, we will send you an email requesting further information, please reply to this email and attach your documentation.

How long will it take to receive my Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard?

If your claim is approved and you have selected to receive a:

a. Digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, it will be sent to you with 1 week from claim approval notification.

b. Physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, it will be sent to you within 4 weeks from claim approval notification.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for the initial claim validation and approval process.

How many Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard cards will I receive?

You are entitled to receive one card per approved claim. However, if you have multiple approved product purchase claims under the same Claim ID, it is possible you may receive one card that has a balance of the accumulated value of all rewards you have received approval for, rather than separate cards for each.

What is the major prize draw?

Once you have submitted your claim and it has been approved, you will automatically go in the draw to win a share of $250,000. We will be giving away $25,000 to 10 lucky winners.

How many entries into the major prize draw will I receive?

You are entitled to receive one entry per eligible product purchased in an approved claim, i.e. if you purchased two (2) eligible units, once your claim is approved, you will receive two (2) entries into the draw. 

When are the major prize draw winners announced?

The draw will take place at 12:00pm AEDT Tuesday 14th November 2023. Winners will be notified by phone and in writing via email within two (2) business days of the draw and their names will be published on www.fujitsugeneral.com.au/promotions from Friday 17th November 2023.

I’ve just received my Digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard by SMS? What do I need to know?

Your Card must be activated prior to use and by the date specified in the SMS (within three (3) months).

How to activate your Card:

  1. Click the link in the text message to download the ‘Vault Payments’ app and activate your Card
  2. In the Vault Payments app, select ‘Redeem Card’ then enter your activation code and mobile number.
  3. When your card is displayed in the app, click “Add card to wallet” and follow the prompts.
  4. When using your card for purchases over $100, you may need to enter a PIN. Instructions on how to set up a PIN for your card are contained in the Do I need to set a PIN on my card?” 
  5. If your phone is not compatible, you will be prompted to enter your details in a website form and a physical card will be sent to you.
  6. Once activated, your card can be used until the expiry date shown on the Card in the Mobile Pay app.

No extensions, credits or refunds will be given after the activation or expiry dates have passed.

I’ve just received my Physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard in the mail. What do I need to know?

Your Card must be activated prior to use. Please keep a record of your Claim ID, as you will need this to activate your Card/s.

You can activate your Card/s at ffmrewards.com.au

ACTIVATE BY: Your Card/s must be activated latest one (1) month prior to the “Valid thru” date printed on the front of your card.
SPEND BY: Once activated, Cards are ready to use after midday the following business day and must be spent by the "Valid thru" date printed on the front of the card.

No extensions, credits or refunds will be given after these dates have passed.

Can my Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard be used overseas?

Your Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard can be used overseas and on overseas websites (at the discretion of the merchant). They incur a 2.99% transaction fee per transaction which is deducted from the Card balance. Funds are converted from AUD into the purchasing currency at the best retail foreign exchange rate determined by Mastercard at the time of transaction.

Where do I find my PIN?

  1. Digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, you can set up and manage your PIN in the Vault Payments app. For further details, refer to the Do I need to set a PIN on my card?
  2. Physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard, this is located on the back of your physical card.

What if I forget or lose my PIN?

Digital Mastercard:

You can manage your PIN in the Mobile Pay app. For further details, refer to the Do I need to set a PIN on my card?  

Physical Mastercard:  

Your PIN is printed on the card itself. If your PIN is no longer visible, please get in touch via the contact us section

Can I withdraw cash using my Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard?

Your Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard can only be used for purchases, both in store and online. It cannot be used to withdraw cash either at an ATM or POS. It also cannot be used for any other ATM transactions.

Can I use my Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard at an ATM?

No. It cannot be used for any ATM transactions. Your Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard can only be used for POS purchases or online.

What is the difference between a digital and a physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard?

Fujitsu gives customers the option of selecting their reward in the form of a:

Digital prepaid Mastercard:

  • A prepaid Mastercard delivered via SMS to Australian mobile phone numbers only, which can be downloaded to your mobile wallet to seamlessly make purchases in-store using the mobile’s “tap and go” functionality till funds or card expires. You can also use the card details to purchase online
  • Delivered within 1 week of claim approval
  • It can’t be used to withdraw cash from ATM’s or POS
  • Card is activated and accessed via the Vault Payments app, which also allows you to manage the card – set up a PIN, check balance, expiry, etc.

Physical prepaid Mastercard:

  • A prepaid Mastercard delivered via mail which, once activated and funded, can be used at any store that accepts Mastercard for electronic transactions (excluding transactions at ATMs or over the counter at financial institutions) via POS terminals with swipe functionality and for online purchases till funds or card expires.
  • Delivered within 4 weeks of claim approval
  • Must be activated one month prior to the expiry date printed on the card front
  • Funded by 12pm next business day after activation
  • It can’t be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or POS
  • Card activations and balance checks available online at ffmrewards.com.au
  • Expiry date of card is printed on the front of the card - "Valid thru" mm/yy.

Am I able to change my mind and swap from a digital to a physical prepaid Mastercard and vice versa?

No – once you have made your selection and confirmed your choice by submitting your claim, we are unable to modify this. The only exception occurs if you have selected a digital Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard and the Mobile Pay app recognises that your phone is unable to support this card format. In that instance, you’ll be prompted to visit a webpage to submit a request for a physical Fujitsu prepaid Mastercard to be mailed to you instead.